The Sound of Music

Went to Cottage Theater watched The Sound Of Music play tonight. Delightful music as always. Some music will always live in our heart, ❤️ Interestingly, just found out from the program note that the director Joel Ibanez is from Chico, CA.

BRIDGE Exhibitions – Alte Innenstadt Vido Stroll

Finished the art project for Earthbound Moon (Lee). It is up now in downtown viewing. Liked the concept of it and hope can develop this project further more.

Some more headphones for the viewing will help the experience. This could be a nice note for the future.

On Friday night, there will be a performance at the Doc’s. I want to see if I can perform the “Giant Dipper”.

The Firebird

Went to Hult Center tonight with 2Js and Jeff, watching the Eugene Ballet performing Stravinsky’s The Firebird. Without reading the program notes first, we did not realized that the first half performance is not The Firebird at all! When we walked out to lobby for intermission, Jeff said ” I was trying very hard and though I figured out who is the Firebird, finally…” That was hilarious. They played/choreographed Ravel’s Bolero. Very nice to hear it live. What a surprise for tonight!

The Firebird is good. But I was soooo tired, for some reason. I had to close my eyes for almost half of the performance. But still enjoyed it a lot.

FireBird – Eugene Ballet

Before the performance, we went to Sushi Go-around.

The last Sunday before Spring Term 2019

Sunday March 31, 2019

One day in my life…

8:18 Woke up – make a cup of tea )from real gray loose leave leaf/ brush teeth

8:25 – Exercise – 6 Pack 

8:44 – Studio working on Portland 4/20 concert program order

Interesting compositions. Hope it will be a fun day at Portland

9:35 – eat some cereal

9:45 – Prepare MUS 118 class – took out my old MacAir to see if InDesign is still working.  

IsDesign is not working correctly anymore. I am blaming all of this to LCC’s terrible administration work. LCC encouraged me to switch to creative cloud three years ago and now they just told my that I can not use CC in my new computer. This is not helping faculty at all. Well, I decided to edit everything out of PDF format and go from there. No time to blame anyone or argue with anyone at LCC. I need to save my energy/time for something else…

11:45 – Pancake brunch (Thanks Jeff))

12:30 – Call Jennifer for All Wired Up concert (Program order and discuss issues)

01:15 – Jeff made coffee – sit on the deck with girls. They were painting their nails. Nice beautiful sunny day.

01:54 – Back studio work on MUS 118 class preparation again / MUS 447 Prep

02:53 – Break… Jayling was not happy about my AirBook is too slow for her to playing Garage Band on it..Well, hope she will learn being more thankful for everything we can have…

Went down stairs and Jayshing was melting crayons to make a candle…The happiest toddler on the block…

03:10 – Set up Kyma on my Laptop for 420 Portland Concert

Found out that I need a USB-C to Ethernet adapter. Don’t want to wait for another two or three day, so Jayling and I drive to OfficeMax down the hill and spent alsmot 50 dollars to get an adapter and also Cat6 Ethernet cable. Now I am back install/Updates my Kyma and everything on my MacBook Pro. I will need to install the KymaConnect and OSCulator for Wiimote comptroller… I am sure… Probably it will be a full night battle!!

4:30 Drive downhill to Office Max to buy USB-C to Eithernet jungle and also CAT6 cable -3ft. Jayling went with me, I liked her being around me more. 

The early coffee made my stomach so uncomfortable for the rest of the day…

6:30 – Surprisingly smooth! I connect everything one by one, and install/upgrade the KYMA 7+. Guess what, Holy Cow… Everything works. Even with a little but adjustment, the Wiimotes are up running. I forgot most of the performance part for “The Lighted Window” , but I am sure I can get it back soon enough. 

7:30 – BBQ stake dinner. Another nice family BBQ dinner, We were just talking and chatting about stuff. Stuff,…all of those conversations we may not remember soon later, but when we can not be around with our family anymore, those are the most cherish moments/feelings we wish to have them back…Love the feeling of being around with all my families. 

Spring break

Visited Chico for a few days. It was very nice to see Marilyn, Joe, John and Jane. We had a great visit. The only thing I am hoping for next time is that grandma will hire someone clean her house better. The whole house is invaded by moss, bugs and dust. My allergy problem got worse as soon as I walked into the house….The last two days there I would not touch/eat anything thing from the house after I saw how scary it is inside the pantry. Pool mom and Joe, do not know that they are in such a terrible condition. I feel bad that I can not be any more help.

Visited Chico State on Friday. Went to Upper Crust. Ate dinner at Italian Cottage. Nice and east for a few days, but mentally, my head was thinking about next weeks’ school work.

Drive back this afternoon after met John and Jane for a few hours at the house. It was a very smooth drive. We arrive Eugene at 10:30, making a good time.

Network Ensemble Project – Seeking Unity

A fun collaboration with Jared Knofczynski and Payson Carpenter for UO Musical Performance Network class.


  • Generating random two tones within a specific range from host computer. Then the participants alter the frequency of each tone, to bring to tones eventually playing in unison. 
  • Using Max/MSP object UDPsend/receive functions to send data in-between computers. 
  • The host computer is not sending any data to participants’ computers. Instead, the participants have to use their ears to identify the pitch of the individual tone, then decide he or she wants to make each tone go higher or lower. A number, or two numbers (if the participants wants to change both tones at the same time) are sending back to the host computer to alter the frequencies constantly.
  • Besides listening to the sine wave tone generated by the host computer, this project also calls for careful listening to other participants’ action to create a mutual agreement of where the result tone will go. 

The actual performance was very enjoyable. It was like a game for aural skills. When the two tones getting closer and closer, reaching the point that we can hear the  beat frequencies, some kind of excitement aroused and we all got the feeling of “we are almost there!”. That was a very nice moment. 

End of term weekend

It was a nice Friday and Saturday that we take our time eating dinner and talked and not feeling hurry to bed.

Last night, we had BBQ dinner, Bought some lamb and steak from MOC. Talked with girls during dinner time. School class, health class, their friends issue, stuff. Very nice to be able to spend time with your loved ones. We watched a movie together “he Bedtime Story” Simple, easy and silly movie. Fits perfect for Friday night family movie.

Took girls to Library while Jeff was at 28th rental fixing up the falling trees from the snow storm. Two girls taking term to get on my nerve. First was Jayshing don’t want to stay up on the 3rd floor. Then Jayling went on and on for doing things – go to a place has panacea, or staying in the library… silly stuff.

We then went to Yizhao;s place to see Amelie’s solo violin Suzuki book 1 recital. It was a very nice thing to do. Yizhao spent so much effort on her two kids, What an amazing mom.

Had spicy hot pot for dinner. Super not, but great. Then Jeff and I washes am episode of Black Mirrow. So so. Jayshing was reading all night., She finished reading about 300 pages jut in one day! I wish I could do that.

LCC Show – The Room Upstairs

Went to Matt’s show last Thursday. A musical composition (Violin, cello, and piano) with dancers, inspired by Hazel Hall, a poet from Portland in early 1900’s. it started with a presentation, then the performance, then Q & A. It is nice to get out and see some shows. I love to do this more.

Emerging Technology – Final Presentation

Presented final project on the Emerging Technology class. Using the Google Seedbank Style Transfer application, I concerted two pictures and created the third picture. Then taking those pictures into MAX/MSP, trying to turn the picture into sound. The outcome was good. We had some technical difficulties with projector, but luckily was able to present my work in the lab.

As a starting point, this project could be taken into another alveoli. The 10 by 10 pixels extracted from the original pictures could be mapping into sine waves. Bring the additive Synthesis concert into the project could be the next step.

Google Seedbank Style Transfer