The Ocean Thief

Combining Kyma with video, photo animation, and narrative voice, The Ocean Thief tells the story of a young girl whose beach-written story is stolen by the ocean, and her seagoing adventures as she fights to get it back. Filmed in Oregon (U.S.A.) and blue screen studios, the story explores the plight of the artist’s voice in a sea of voices, using metaphor to examine creativity, ancestry, mortality, and time.


Jefferson J. Goolsby, Video Artist/Story Writer


Video: Four one-minute examples of beta test clips for ArtCity Light Up The Night.


Metamorphose I is site-specific large-scale work that combines projection with sonic composition. The projection transforms trees/foliage into an optical illusion of undulating greenery, causing viewers to alternate between perceiving the undulating light and perceiving the undulating foliage. For ArtCity’s Light Up The Night, the visual algorithms and music would be determined based on the site dynamics, layout, and available foliage. Music will be composed to enhance the visual patterns and movement based on the effect of the projected algorithm (to be determined).

It would be helpful if organizers can provide projector as well as a canopy in event of rain, but if not then artists will be able to provide those items along with all other materials: projector, canopy, sound system, ladder, extension cords. Will also need: 120v power outlet, tree(s)/foliage/shrubs. We would also want to run some projection tests a week or two prior to the event, which would require two hours for setup and testing after dark to determine setup and algorithms to be used, and allow for music to be composed to selected patterns.

Note: Other collaborations and works by Mei-ling Lee and Jefferson Goolsby can be found throughout this site. Some direct links:

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The Ocean Thief

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The Feather

“The Feather” is a story inspiring us to speak up despite the overwhelming voices around us. The performance uses musical composition, video projection, and modern dance to paint a picture of a girl following her own voice amongst a sea of negativity.


Mei-ling Lee, Composer

Jefferson J. Goolsby, Story Writer

Sarah M. Nemecek, Dancer and Choreographer

Terry Holloway, Multimedia Artist