Dance Suite

Dance Suite for clarinet and dance is comprised of three short movements with two mini- interludes in between, which are designed as short breaks for the dancer.

As the subtitles suggest, each movement has its own character. This piece tries to catch various moods – sometimes happy, sometimes grumpy, sometimes jolly, and sometimes nutty.

This recording was performed Blake McGee (clarinetist) and Carrie Goodnight (dancer/choreographer).

A Thousand Mountains


This piece is composed for solo clarinet with Kyma realtime processing. The theme is based on the Chinese poem River Snow by Liu Zangyuan (773—819), writer and poet of the Tang Dynasty.

A thousand mountains—no bird’s flight.

Ten thousand paths—no man’s trace.

Single boat, an old man, in a straw raincoat.

Alone, fishing, in the icy river. Snow.