Yesterday was the Halloween. Not too smooth for me. I had planned to attend Jayshing’s Edison parade in the morning. Skip the regular Thursday studio clean. Then I realized that I had to drive Jeff to LCC because I need the car to drive Jayshing to art class in the afternoon. When I arrived at Edison, the Thriller dance was finished. I did not see the parade and did not see Jayshing’s dance. I am soooo upset about that.

Then I parked the car at the two hours parking. Went to Jack Boss’s History of Theory class. Then I worked a little bit in the office, thinking the meter shall be fine. Then when it is about time to move the car…. I got there and found out that I got a parking ticket…. Two minutes late! What a terrible day for me.

I stayed in the library while Jeff took the girls trick-or treating. Started to get headache again around 8 o’clock… what a stressful day !

Autumn color

Finally got to see the Autumn color before it’s over.

Drove out to the Bennett Winery, sit outside for an hour. We got the last bit of sunshine. Wonderful afternoon to spend with Jeff together.


End of Week 3

End of Week 3 for Fall 2019 school term. It has been a super busy schedule for us because the Oliver rehearsal at Cottage Grove. Jeff has to drive the girls back and forth almost every weekday’e evenings. The girls seem to enjoy the dance and singing a lot. That is good.

School work is moving forward as it will be day by day. One exciting subject for me this term is the sensor music. I am hoping by the end of the term, I can have a better idea of what I can do and how to do it in the field of sensor music.

Other two classes (20th & 21st century music and History of theory) demand a lot of reading/studying time. I am glad that I am getting to know music deeper in any aspect; just hoping I can have hours and hours of time for all the information that I want to absorb.

2019年秋季學期的第3週結束。 對我們而言,這是一個非常忙碌的日程,因為奧利弗(Oliver)在Cottage Grove排練。傑夫幾乎每個工作日晚上都要開車來接送孩子。孩子們似乎很喜歡跳舞和唱歌。那很好。 

Taiwan – South Korean (KISS) Trip

What a month! It went by so quick. Every time leaving Taiwan, I always feels depressed. Taiwan is a place that I will dream for, but dared to go back for good. Too much memory, too much burden, too much sweetness, and too much regret.

Glad that Jeff and I were able to attend the KISS conference in South Korean and premiere 19/20/21 — our collaboration project for sound, video, and spoken works. We worked hard on it , but there are still places for improvement. I am hoping to have it revised and performed again at the next FMO concert .

Alway fun to get together with my cousins. We grow up together, then apart for 15 to 20 years, pursuing our own dream/life individually . Now our kids are almost grown, and we finally have these treasurable chances to meet and drink beers and chat openly without any boundaries. Nice memories.


很高興傑夫和我能夠參加韓國的KISS會議和19/20/21的首映式 – 我們的聲音,視頻和口語作品合作項目。我們努力工作,但仍有改進的地方。我希望在下一次 UO FMO音樂會上再演出下一個修訂版。

總是和我的表兄弟聚在一起很開心。我們從小一起長大,然後分開15至20年 追求自己的夢想/生活。現在,我們的孩子幾乎長大了,我們終於有了這些寶貴的機會來見面,喝啤酒,並且沒有任何界限地話長短。這真的是美好的回憶。

Jayshing’s first day of school – 5th grade

First day of school for Jayshing. She was very excited. Despite just coming back from Taiwan yesterday with the jet lag,, she was in a great spirit. We are glad that she is in Kristy’s classroom and all her good friends are together in the same classroom. Hope this will a wonderful year for her last year of elementary school.


J & J Piano Performance

Nice to see them getting better and better. Hope music will be always inside their hearts.

Jayshing made this at her math group.

Dentist Visit

My front teeth started to hurt two days ago. Work up this morning and decided to go in for a check. can’t tolerate the pain and not work at all… Luckily, I was able to see the doctor this morning at 9am. Surprising bad news… I got a DEAD TOOTH! The doctor said that my tooth may get injured a few days ago and died and then got infected. And that is why I am feeling pain. But basically, that tooth has NO FEELING at all from now on.

We did a root canal right away, No time to wait… While I was sitting on the chair. thining about how different when I was kid, visiting dentist place over and over again, and each time, it seemed like a nightmare… Compare to now. What a difference.

The while line inside the tooth is a THING that the doctor installed into my tooth… Wired

Mother’s Day

So many things to do that we have almost no time to think about Mother’s day.

While day past so fast that I just can not finish as much as I hope to.

Feeling so lived, that Jayling and Jayshing draw me pictures and Jayshing also bought me two mechanical pencils of my favorite which I just lost them few day ago. Jaylig write me a card, very lovely.

Thinking of almost 12 years ago today, I was in the hospital giving birth to Jayling. That was the toughest day of my life. But I am so grateful now that we have Jayling and Jayshing.

FMO Concert

Last Saturday was FMO concert. The setup started at 9am. Scott Waytt is our visiting composer. Stolet also performed his composition ImPossible. During the rehearsal/setup. I was trying to learn the mixing board. Fang’s recital will be on June 8th, I will have to drive the mixing board for her. My first time…

The OEDO ensemble piece did not went well. The image just wont showed up so Olga had to give up playing back the image. Feel sorry for her. She spent so much time preparing the image…

After the concert, I was so tired, almost wanted to give up the gathering at Steelhead. I am glad Jeff went with me. It was nice to chat a little bit with Scott. He is such a nice teacher. Can’t believe that we know home more than 10 years…

This time I did t have any piece performed. I will, though, for the Fall term concert for sure.