La’ah is composed for solo dance. The original idea comes from “playing with the voice”. We were mimicing the sound of a boy trying to say “La” but cut the sound suddenly in the middle of his breath.

In the fall of 2005, I took a Dance and Coreographer class. In the class,  I met Carrie Goodnights, a graduate student from dance department. We started to collaborate in some small projects. Carrie told me an experience she had several years ago in an airport. In the airport, she saw boy was playing with himself while waiting for the flight with his family. This boy, about five years old, started to make some funny sound out of his throat.

This little fun seed is developed as the boy playing along with himself. I was playing with the sound as well. The excitement come from the “secret joy”. Have you even be so happy and excited for something by yourself in your own world? Imaging that little boy, totally having fun with his own world, even there were people walking pass by, noises around him, he did not care at all, all he wants is making funny sound out of his mouse and be happy with it.

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