I am sitting in a room

In Em history  this morning, we realized the Lucier’s composition “I am sitting in a room.” Very interesting to see how this composition was being done originally. Well, not quiet, it was take back then, and now we are using all computer… But still, got the concept!

In MUS 118 class at LCC, we played back some of the assignment 12, mixing project. It was very fun. I had a nice group of students again this term. They are all very easy going, not too serious, I like them a lot.

Did not feel like cooking at all, so we went to hve India food. Everygreen India, moving to a new building. Yummy food and we all had a lot. But also very tired.


MUS 447 had midterm today. Most of the students finished in 20 minutes. That is impressive to me. But not sure if they did well or not. I glanced Quickly on the first listening questions. Many of them leave a lot of blanks… well. We will see.

Spend most of the day working on the Romntic era seminar term paper. Marian (the teacher) does not want us to use or check any information outside the score. It is kind of fun to do some analysis of the music, but not sure if I a, on the right track.

This morning went to Edison to see Jayshing’s Halloween parade. She is cute. It this morning at breakfast, she was acting up, making me feel so not happy….well, now she is laying in bed next to me. She gave me a huge hug when she came home and apologized to me. She is just 8. I should just enjoyed the time with her.

jeff took the girls to tricker treating tonight. I had a late OEDO class and stayed  working at UO

Our bunny, churros, ran out his cage two days ago. We can not find him. Jayling was crying in bed earlier, missing him. I feel heart breaking. She must feel so bad as well. Poor churros, I pray someone find him and keeps him well.

still a lot of gradings to catch up…


Jayshing’s Poem Writing Homework

Jayshing came home last night, and was so eager to write her home work. She spent as least one hour solid writing a poem that uses “the words of this week”. Jeff and I are so glad that she enjoyed her school work. I told her that I am so glad going back to school, and I know the feeling she has now. homework is not burden; it is something that your teacher (if she/he is good teacher) spent time and thoughts make a plan for you to learn new ideas and knowledges in a organized, systematical way. I feel like a sponge  again, wanting to keep socking in as much as I can each moment, and I am sure Jayshing is the same.

How about Jayling? Not quiet sure what is she thinking… Teenager.


Jayshing’s First Homework

Jayshing got home, practiced piano and wanted to wrote her homework, realized that she left the homework at school. He was in tears, and I tried to text Jay to see if he can send me a copy of it. Unfortunately, Nola forgot it as well. Jayshing was so eager to start her first homework at 4th grader…

Met Marian Smith at UO. Most of time, we just chat about teaching and stuff. She was eating her lunch while I arrived at her office. very nice feeling of being able to talk to your teacher just like friends.


Family Saturday

收蕃茄並冷凍。還摘了一整籃蘋果。 Jayling和Jayshing也幫忙做蘋果乾。今年的蕃茄不如去年多,可是也很好吃。我們仍有7或8袋冷凍。蘋果很棒。前花園的蘋果樹有三種不同的品種,所有的蘋果味道都很棒。感謝爺爺婆婆去年努力的照顧那些果樹。

15年前,當我開始我的第一個博士課程時,傑夫和我同意將星期六保持為“家庭日”。不工作,不寫作業, 只有家人在星期六聚在一起活動,除非有一些事件不能重新安排。覺得這麼多年下來,運作得很好。有時仍希望你能在星期六繼續工作,但與你的家人度過“不可分割的”時間是非常重要的。



Worked in the garden harvesting tomatoes and freeze them. Also picked a full basket of apples. Jayling and Jayshing helped prepared them for dehydration. This year, the tomato are not doing as well s last year, but we still have 7 or 8 bags to freeze. Apples are amazing. The one on the front garden with three different varieties, all of the apples taste so amazing. Thank Ye-yelast year working hard taking care of it.

15 years ago, when I started my first doctoral program, Jeff and I agreed that keeping Saturday our “Family Day”. Not school work, no grading, only family get together doing something on Saturday, unless there is some event can not be rearranged. It worked out pretty well. Sometimes you wish you could keep working on Saturday, but it is so much important to spend “undivided”time with your family.

I feel we did not do very much with the girls yesterday. They were building some kind of cardboard box house on their own, all day. But they were happy , enjoying the time with each other. Jeff and I got to spend some time doing things in the garden, picking tomato, mostly. It was very nice feeling.

Think; we worked so  hard for many many years, trying to maintain a job, get more pay… And, now, isn’t all of these are what we were wishing for? If os, why not really take time and enjoy everything around you? Now we have a job, a house, two wonderful daughters, and supportive friends… all of those, are all just in my dream yeas ago. Now I have them all! I need to reminder myself that don’t let all those great moments slip away. Enjoying every moment.