End of term weekend

It was a nice Friday and Saturday that we take our time eating dinner and talked and not feeling hurry to bed.

Last night, we had BBQ dinner, Bought some lamb and steak from MOC. Talked with girls during dinner time. School class, health class, their friends issue, stuff. Very nice to be able to spend time with your loved ones. We watched a movie together “he Bedtime Story” Simple, easy and silly movie. Fits perfect for Friday night family movie.

Took girls to Library while Jeff was at 28th rental fixing up the falling trees from the snow storm. Two girls taking term to get on my nerve. First was Jayshing don’t want to stay up on the 3rd floor. Then Jayling went on and on for doing things – go to a place has panacea, or staying in the library… silly stuff.

We then went to Yizhao;s place to see Amelie’s solo violin Suzuki book 1 recital. It was a very nice thing to do. Yizhao spent so much effort on her two kids, What an amazing mom.

Had spicy hot pot for dinner. Super not, but great. Then Jeff and I washes am episode of Black Mirrow. So so. Jayshing was reading all night., She finished reading about 300 pages jut in one day! I wish I could do that.

Jayshing Edison Talent Show

Tonight is Jayshing’s talent show. They are the last one to perform, so we stayed till almost 8:30pm. Jayshing and other girls in the group did great. I liked Jayshing’s voice.

In the evening, I was working at Alder on my Emerging Technology final project. Jayling and Jayshing were chatting around me…

Jayshing: I am going to college and study for a doctorate.

Jayling: Really? Do you know if you are a doctorate, you have to write at least 30 pages of a paper…

Jayshing: …

I just kept my head down, writing my MAX patch, pretending I did not hear it at all.

Giant Dipper – Kid’s Version!!

Have been working on this composition “Giant Dipper” throughout the whole term. The outcome is cool. It will be premiere this Saturday in FMO concert

While I was practice the performance last weekend, Jayling and Jayling got inspired, and did an improvisation with it on Gametrak.

Very cute. I wish I could perform like that…

Lovely Breakfast by Jayshing

Yesterday morning, Jayshing insisted we can not go down stairs in the morning until after 7am, cause she wanted to give us a surprise. She managed her self woke up 6am with the iPhone alarm, preparing a nice breakfast for me and Jeff; that was not easy commitment for a nine years old girl. Then she was so sleepy and went back to bed again. She is just such a sweetheart. 

A Week of Snow break

Such a strange week of snow days.LCC closed down for almost entire week; UO for three and half days. We lost power for today. It was not too bad. On Wednesday night, we all stayed in the backroom, while Jeff turned on the all four burners on our gas stove, trying to heat up the living room and little bit. Standing outside on front porch in the early morning, overwhelmed with the peacefulness and calmness, the whole world seemed stopped for a second, only the air is whispering to each other. 風雨中的寧靜

Jayling and Jayshing were happy with the no schools day for sure; and I was able to work hours and hours on my Giant Dipper composition. Not sure if Jeff get something he wanted being done. One good thing is that we were all slept in for a few mornings, regardless of power shortage.

Blanton House
One thing fun you can do in a snow day…
Trying to stay warm.

Romeo & Juliet

Watched Romeo and Juliet play tonight at Corvallis. Even though Jayshing and Jeff are feeling sick all day, I am glad we still made it to the show and watched the whole play. It was more than 3 hours long, from 8pm to 11:15 pm. Jayshing did a great job staying the whole night.

First time watch Shakespeare play. Can’t understand most of what they said. But luckily I knew the story. It is almost like a comedy.

ON the way home, Jayling was asking when can they start the singing lesson again. I think she liked the show a lot and wanted to start learn singing for theater play again.

Sunday morning – Week 6

Jayshing woke up sick and crying in the morning. She is feeling bad headache, lag cramps. I gave her some Children Benadryl. She is sleeping now. I hope it will be just a small flu.

We celebrated our Chinese New Year last night, finally. Had a hot pot for dinner, and 發紅包給小孩子們. Eugene is not really celebrate any Chinese New Year, but we did something to recognize it, at least. We had a great dinner, chatting with the girls and it was warm family dinner. I hope someday soon I cam take Jayling and Jayshing back to Taiwan for a real Chinese New Year.

After dinner, we were planning to have a family movie night, but the girls can not decide which movie to watch. It ended up — Jayling and Jeff went back to the room reading books ; Jayshing and I were watching “Family Monster” from Netflix. She enjoyed the movie. I am glad I can spent sometime with her.

It is almost 10am already. Feeling anxious that there are so many to do..School grading, my homework, girls homework, classes prep, house cleaning, meal planning for the day and coming week, Alder house prep, cleaning back rooms, kids playroom, my studio setup again (it got messed up from yesterday’s moving (king size bad to Alder house), laundry…. Well, make a list and just moving forward step by step… I guess.

I will just stack everything unfinished to tomorrow.

Back here now

Can’t believed that I was not writing here for a while. It is 2019 now already. I wrote for a few weeks, then stopped, feeling funny to post all very personal things on the internet. But now, I looked again, I kind of wished that I recorded more of my life each day, even just for my self. I wrote in a journal sometime, but it seems here I can organized more of my ideas , researches, works, and connect to others more easily.

Maybe I will try it one more time, and see how I feels.

Fang’s recital / Josephine

Be in UO campus all day, helping Fang’s recital setup and other stuff. I was helping her with the projector and also the camera projecting. Very nice to see Fang improved so much since the day I met many years ago.

Just wondering what I will be different 5 years later from now on my professional field.

We had a hot pot leftover from Kungfu Bistro again. Had it last night. After dinner, the girls gave me a surprise gift.. Josephine from Sweet Life! they are so sweet. Celebrating my birthday on and on, forever…   : )


Jeff’s 60-Year Birthday Party

Invited families of Ian, Jay and Phil to celebrate Jeff’s birthday. We ordered Thai food and Sushi. It was very nice to have friends over and spending the night together. Kids were playing sword fights, singing, making some show.  I missed the show because I was too tired and had to go to bed around 11pm. We bought two cakes from MOC. Pink Champagne, and Triple Berries. We cut the cake , sing happy birthday to Jeff (and me, perhaps). Other mom went outside a lot smoking. At beginning of the party, before Jay’s family arrived, we talked about the movie “Lard of the Ring” and the Hobbies.  Not much remembered.

Leslie seemed having worries about her family issue. Not much I can help out. 家家有本難念的經

I hope Jeff enjoyed the party. I wish I could do more for his birthday. I was super tired around 11pm and went to bed then. They seemed staying up till 2am.