Fang’s recital / Josephine

Be in UO campus all day, helping Fang’s recital setup and other stuff. I was helping her with the projector and also the camera projecting. Very nice to see Fang improved so much since the day I met many years ago.

Just wondering what I will be different 5 years later from now on my professional field.

We had a hot pot leftover from Kungfu Bistro again. Had it last night. After dinner, the girls gave me a surprise gift.. Josephine from Sweet Life! they are so sweet. Celebrating my birthday on and on, forever…   : )


I am sitting in a room

In Em history  this morning, we realized the Lucier’s composition “I am sitting in a room.” Very interesting to see how this composition was being done originally. Well, not quiet, it was take back then, and now we are using all computer… But still, got the concept!

In MUS 118 class at LCC, we played back some of the assignment 12, mixing project. It was very fun. I had a nice group of students again this term. They are all very easy going, not too serious, I like them a lot.

Did not feel like cooking at all, so we went to hve India food. Everygreen India, moving to a new building. Yummy food and we all had a lot. But also very tired.


MUS 447 had midterm today. Most of the students finished in 20 minutes. That is impressive to me. But not sure if they did well or not. I glanced Quickly on the first listening questions. Many of them leave a lot of blanks… well. We will see.

Spend most of the day working on the Romntic era seminar term paper. Marian (the teacher) does not want us to use or check any information outside the score. It is kind of fun to do some analysis of the music, but not sure if I a, on the right track.

This morning went to Edison to see Jayshing’s Halloween parade. She is cute. It this morning at breakfast, she was acting up, making me feel so not happy….well, now she is laying in bed next to me. She gave me a huge hug when she came home and apologized to me. She is just 8. I should just enjoyed the time with her.

jeff took the girls to tricker treating tonight. I had a late OEDO class and stayed  working at UO

Our bunny, churros, ran out his cage two days ago. We can not find him. Jayling was crying in bed earlier, missing him. I feel heart breaking. She must feel so bad as well. Poor churros, I pray someone find him and keeps him well.

still a lot of gradings to catch up…