J & J Piano Performance

Nice to see them getting better and better. Hope music will be always inside their hearts.

Jayshing made this at her math group.

Dentist Visit

My front teeth started to hurt two days ago. Work up this morning and decided to go in for a check. can’t tolerate the pain and not work at all… Luckily, I was able to see the doctor this morning at 9am. Surprising bad news… I got a DEAD TOOTH! The doctor said that my tooth may get injured a few days ago and died and then got infected. And that is why I am feeling pain. But basically, that tooth has NO FEELING at all from now on.

We did a root canal right away, No time to wait… While I was sitting on the chair. thining about how different when I was kid, visiting dentist place over and over again, and each time, it seemed like a nightmare… Compare to now. What a difference.

The while line inside the tooth is a THING that the doctor installed into my tooth… Wired


Tonight was RMS Drama night  Jayshing did a great performance, while Jayshing volunteered some of the activities. Enjoyed the kids performance. It is a good age to enjoy the world simply just enjoying it.



Today at UO, my lab class did not went too well. I was feeling frustrated that students seemed defiant towards my teaching, especially the first lab.. I do not want the class feel I am not on their side. There are a few students that I can tell they are not thinking I am with them. Well. I may have to deal with it next week.

Teaching is not an easy job at all, if you want to do it right. When I have a group of students, I look at them, thinking someday, some of them will take what I show them and move on to their life with it. And that is  why I am here.  Very simple, but not easy…


Another Productive Day

Working crazy today. Home alone. reviewed the listening quiz for next Tuesday’s EM history. Finished two reading journals. Graded LCC EM history Discussion assignment. Prepped LCC EM History Week 4 materials. Did the laundry. (Not fold yet) Cleaned the living room and kids room… Super!

Tomorrow will be another productive day!

Talked to Jayling, Jayshing and Jeff, and Marilyn today. They seemed busy doing things in Chico. Once in a while, I thought of our tenant sending terrible text messages to Jeff, I just got so irritated by his words. I don’t like this guy at all. I want him out of my house!!

Week 3, Friday – A Day on My Own

Jeff and the girls went to Chico visiting grandma. They took off this early morning, and dropped me off around 5am. It was a nice quiet morning to work in the GE office. The clock ticking sound and small refrigerator motor noice constantly came into my attention while I was reading the articles about Soundscape. That was a very nice quiet morning. Feeling 眾人皆睡我獨醒。

Worked all day at UO; teaching in the morning, working in the studio for five hours, preparing for next week’s Sound Design classes google slides. Came home around 6:30pm, joined Joyce for Caitlin’s belated Bday. They invited 5 other women. We just chatted, talking about kids, family, and stuff. Some lady talked about her boy friend, another talked about her mother-in-law passed away last week, and at some point, I was telling them what I am learning now at UO, trying to explain what is Data-driven instrument… One mentioned something like “starting the class with a full 20 minutes of silence, all the students just sot there silent, doing nothing. ” That sounds a very cool idea.

Nice to have the whole house for a couple of days. Sometimes, I just need the silence.

Rick Williams

Jeff and I attended Rick Williams’s memorial service tonight at Northern Light Christmas Tree Farm. Nice, lovely, yet a little bitterness floating in the air.

A great artist can make the ordinary becomes extraordinary.

Try to be in the light, and then be the light.

Rick was always a kind and warm person to me. He first time talked to me on the phone is offering me the job at LCC. He called me in one afternoon and I remembered the most funny thing he said to me on the was” This may sounds strange, but I have to ask you this question… ” Do you know what MIDI is?”” . A year later, he came to sit in my class for my evaluation. A few days later, we met in his office, he just told me that “You did a great job teaching that class, and I have no problem keep offering you this job. All we need to do is both sign here…”

We will miss him…


Friday morning, 5am. Still feel sleepy. Jeff has an early early dental appointment (6:20am).

Today is the first day of teaching UO lab.

2nd day of school

This is probably one of the best decision I have ever made, besides married to my husband and moved to US. Love my first day, and even better the second day. It is so challenge  everyday juggling around LCC, UO, and family. Yet, it will be a fantastic journey for me and my family, I believe.

The day started with my first class of History of Electroacoustic Music with Akiko. Love to review the history again and get dipper on it.

Hurry to LCC after my class at UO. MUS 118 class went very smooth. I tried to get everyone excited for this class.

Stayed up late to finish my first assignment, posting a paper on Canvas after reading some chapters of Henry von Oftergingen by Novalis.

Henry von Ofterdingen 2018


Jayshing did not want to go to bed on her won, because her sister was sleeping on our bed with Jeff. She wondering around and went to bed with me around 11:30. We need to find a good solution for this.

My First day of School

Finally, after 10 years, I am back!

Jeff insisted to take a picture of me for the first day of school.

The first class was the Data-Driven Instrument Performance. All doctoral students in the class. Iris (the instructor) gave us a short presentation about the new mixing board [MIDAS] setting.  Thursday night is my first studio time. Can’t wait for that.

Second class from 10 to 11 is the one I am teaching this term — Digital Audio and Sound Design. A lot of students in the class-34 of them total. It is gonna have a lot of grading to do. The lecture went well; at least I think it went well. Not sure how the students thought. They are SUPER quiet, just like LCC students.

Went to library cafe while waiting for next class. Had my lunch (while spaghetti sauce) there, while I was working on scheduling my studio time. The next class Romantic Era Seminar, I took it 10 (or 12? ) years ago when I was studied for my composition Ph.D. Still very exciting topic and content. Marian is a great teacher. Kind and fun. The reading assignment is huge, daunting, and almost impossible though. : ) I was using my iPad to take the notes,  and in the middle of class, she said to the class asking us not using devices to take notes. I put it away. After the class dismissed, she said to me that she is not worry about me using the device, but do not want to have any chances for other students who may explore the electronics in the class. That is nice of her to let me know that. Totally understand. Taking notes by hand is great as well for me.

Well, it was a fantastic first day of my school.

I am looking forward to the day now, starting in … 53 minutes!.